Enterprise Network

The design and deployment of an effective and efficient network and database infrastructure should always be aligned with the goals and objectives of an organization. Nonetheless, the IT infrastructures we design and deploy are guaranteed to empower your organization and support your organizational requirements.

What We Do

Budget and Time: Every engagement with our clients is handled as a project. We apply the principles and practices in project management to ensure that each engagement is within the predefined budget and time constraints.

Scalability: Furthermore, we design and deploy the perfect solution or service not only by selecting the right hardware and software tools but also by ensuring that such solution or service is readily scalable.

Best Practices: We have also partnered with hardware manufacturers, network providers, and software developers to deliver an adaptable infrastructure, thus ensuring adherence to best practices and industry standards, while also considering the unique requirements of your organization.

Our Approach

Different organizations have different needs. Through our years of experience working with a diverse range of clients from different industries and sectors, we have developed highly specific network and database solutions and services. Hence, we have streamlined these collective solutions and services into three categories: low voltage cabling, enterprise network capacity planning and design, and data center design and relocation.

Solutions and Services

Low Voltage Cabling: Focuses on the planning and installation of cable infrastructures based on the principle of structured wiring for use in networking, closed-circuit communication systems, security systems, automation, and other outbound telecommunication systems, thus keeping equipment and technologies connected and communicating.

Enterprise Network Capacity Planning and Design: Takes into consideration best practices, industry standards, and organizational requirements to plan and design a network infrastructure with bandwidth sufficient enough to operate under the determined threshold, while taking into consideration power availability, security, and environmental controls.

Data Center Design and Relocation: Involves in the planning and deployment of a data center or the relocation of an existing data center to another locale that include telecommunication systems, storage systems, redundant or backup power supplies, network and database security and management, and environmental controls.