Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Dependence on an IT infrastructure has exposed organizations to security vulnerabilities. However, the benefits of technology outweigh the risks. One of the ways we promote the widespread utilization of IT is through the provision of specific solutions and services that revolve around cybersecurity and information assurance.

What We Do

Dedicate Security Team: Our company takes pride in having a highly competent team of IT security professionals and subject-matter experts specializing in providing solutions and services to clients of various sizes across different industries and sectors.

Best Practices: We also have an established experience in working with different technology companies, especially in deploying their specific security hardware and software products, thus assuring you that our cybersecurity and information assurance solutions and services are aligned with industry standards and currents trends.

Our Approach

We approach cybersecurity and information assurance based on two core principles: proactive and reactive risk management. Our primary aim is to empower your organization, particularly by giving you with the capabilities to proactively and reactively minimize risks associated with the use of your IT infrastructure.

Solutions and Services

Network and Database Security: Involves in the installation and configuration of hardware and software tools used for maintaining the security and integrity of the network and database while also taking into consideration the capacities of existing network and database infrastructure.

Round-The-Clock Threat Monitoring: Focuses on the development and implementation of a 24-7-365 threat monitoring capability that takes advantages of different approaches to automation through hardware and software tools to include network firewall, real-time analytics, logs, and scheduled maintenance.

Security Policy and Protocols: Revolves around the development of policy, protocols, and processes, as well as the delivery of awareness within the organization for promoting cybersecurity and information assurance that are aligned with organizational goals and objectives.

Identity and Access Management: Covers the design and implementation of individual identities for access controls, thus creating an access management system for protecting the different facets of the IT infrastructure of an organization and the different types of its digital assets.