Facility Management

Through our multifaceted expertise in the different areas of information technology, we have developed and demonstrated a capability in providing technology-based facility management services.

What We Do

Outsourcing Solution: The principle behind our facility management services is to help your clients focus on your core business and utilize your IT infrastructure or any other related assets better while saving important resources.

Diverse Team: We take pride in the diversity of our people with respective specializations in the field of information technology and business management. This heterogeneity enables us to understand and solve complex IT and organizational problems.

Our Approach

Our approach to facility management centers on flexibility. We do not provide a single and all-encompassing solution for managing your facility, as well as your IT infrastructure and assets. Instead, we give you options based on specific services and in consideration of your needs and requirements, as well as your resource constraints.

Solutions and Services

Procurement: Encompasses vendor selection and management, contract management, and the efficient acquisition of critical resources that takes into consideration your needs and requirements, as well as resource constraints.

Asset Management: Revolves around the tracking and organization of IT assets through the management of asset-related data and information, thus enhancing performance monitoring and auditing, standards compliance, planning, contract management, and billing of hardware and software assets.

Refresh Program: Involves in assisting in acquiring and deploying new IT assets in accordance to the evolving demand and expectations of an organization, particularly through standards development, vendor negotiation, procurement planning, compatibility testing, and staging and deployment.

Technical Support: Ensures sustained assistance throughout the duration of a service contract through a single-point-of-contact for incident management and service management; maintenance and change configuration; service level management; and technical walkthrough and tutorial.

Infrastructure Relocation: Focuses on the movement of physical IT infrastructure and assets from one location to another, such as existing network infrastructure and data centers, as well as the migration of data from one medium to another.