Health Information Management and Technology

Quality health care depends on the effective and efficient use of data and information to support patient care, as well as other health care and management decisions. As an IT company, we promote the use of technology in the health care industry through specific health information management and technology solutions and services.

What We Do

Technology Utilization: We use the most appropriate applications and standards in IT to address the needs and requirements of your organization, and to align technology with your overall organizational goals and objectives.

Standards Compliance: Integrates compliance with HIPAA, Joint Commission, and CMS standards through readily accessible audit trails while also promoting the confidentiality of information through the implementation of IT-based security measures.

Our Approach

We approach health information management centers through the proper utilization of relevant technologies and other related technological applications in accordance to standards in the health care industry. We empower health care institutions, particularly clinics and hospitals, through the effective and efficient utilization of pertinent medical data and information.

Solutions and Services

Infrastructure Development and Deployment: Involves in the development and deployment of IT capabilities for health information management through the design and implementation of an IT infrastructure, development of relevant IT assets, and the management of IT assets.

Network and Data Center Management: Focuses on the development and deployment of network and data center capabilities for the storage and retrieval of electronic health records within an existing IT infrastructure in consideration of virtualization, automation, data analytics, and security and risk management, among others.

Process Design and Implementation: Encompasses the design and implementation of different workflow processes relevant in health information management such as collection, storage, and retrieval of data and information within an IT infrastructure to promote accuracy and speed, standardization, and compliance.