We are a Certified information technology company

Specializing in providing IT services and solutions, as well as technology-based management consultancy. Through our more than 10 years of contracting and subcontracting experience with business and non-profit organizations from different industries and sectors, including local and state government agencies, we have developed and demonstrated an expertise in responding to organizational needs and requirements, particularly by solving complex problems using our extensive IT capabilities.

At Femdel LLC, we believe that the proper implementation IT brings forth value. Our mission is to provide organizations like you the most appropriate service or solution that correspond to your needs or requirements by aligning information technology with your overall organizational strategy, thus allowing you to improve your performance and specific operational processes, as well as meet your organizational goals and objectives. Nonetheless, our core value is to empower our clients through the appropriate application and consumption of technology.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT implementation. As such, we personalize our range of IT services are solutions according to the profile of a particular client while still taking into consideration industry standards and practices. Remember that problem-solving is at the heart of our operations. We consider your needs or requirements as challenges that require analytical competencies that involve using the most suitable problem-solving methodologies.