Big Data Analytics

Informed decisions are always based on solid data. However, the effective and efficient collection and interpretation of data require technical capabilities. Our big data analytics service is an outsourcing solution aimed at helping you understand growth opportunities, mitigate risks and manage threats, improve operational efficiency, gain competitive advantages, and build and maintain better relationships with your stakeholders

What We Do

Specified Processes: Our service is an extensive solution spanning from planning and implementing necessary IT infrastructures and the deployment of database management processes, to the actual collection, analysis, and interpretation of big data using appropriate methodologies and hardware and software tools.

Diverse Team: We differentiate ourselves from other providers of data analytics services based on our technology-driven expertise. Remember that we are an IT company. Our data analytics service is delivered by a team composed not only of data scientists, data engineers, and subject-matter experts but also of IT professionals with different specializations.

Our Approach

Critical to our approach in big data analytics is the utilization of our expertise in project management to ensure requirement alignment and information technology deployment as demonstrated through a solid familiarity in hardware technologies and software applications used in big data analytics. We also bank on our tenured experience working with different business and non-profit organizations that allows us to apply big data analytics under different scenarios or situations and for different purposes.

Solutions and Services

Consultancy Service: Involves in providing expert assistance regarding the design and implementation of your big data capability by helping you determine the appropriate technologies and vendors based on your operational requirements and budget.

Implementation: Covers the design and deployment of big data analytics capability through the design and execution of the required IT infrastructure, specifically the acquisition and installation of required hardware technologies and software applications.

Data Science: Focuses on the actual big data analytics application that involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of large volumes of data to uncover patterns, correlations, and insights using the most appropriate methodologies and tools.