Storage and Backup Services

Data are now considered as critical assets because of their role in supporting informed decisions and maintaining the integrity of operational processes. We believe that protecting these assets is essential to the survival of an organization. Hence, our company offers storage and backup services that maintain and promote the uncomplicated management, as well as the secured storage and retrieval of pertinent data.

What We Do

Team Diversity: Within our company is a large pool of different IT and management professionals with different specializations. This gives us an edge in implementing a particular storage and backup solution tailor-fitted to your needs.

Best Practices: Our Industry partnerships have not only supported the provision of our IT solutions and services but also enabled us to have an extensive option of specific technologies and applications to serve your best interest.

Our Approach

Our extensive solution for addressing the storage and backup needs or requirements of our clients include the application and integration of relevant technologies and practices that align data management capability with overall organizational capability. Our services certify flexibility and scalability, durability and availability, and compliance.

Solutions and Services

Localized Storage and Backup: Involves the procurement, installation, and configuration of different hardware and software that are needed to develop and deploy on-site and localized storage and backup capabilities of your organization.

Cloud-Based Storage and Backup: Centers on the development and deployment of a specific cloud solution to virtualize the storage and backup capabilities of your organization, thus promoting remote accessibility.

Migration and Restoration: Focuses on specific services aimed at transferring or migrating data and information assets from one medium to another, as well as the retrieval or restoration of lost and compromised data and information.

Infrastructure Integration: Considers your existing IT infrastructure or the development and deployment of needed hardware and software assets to implement the most appropriate storage and backup solution effectively.

Security and Risk Management: Follows a three-fold approach in securing data and information through security policy development, access management, and real-time threat monitoring using relevant hardware and software products.