Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Organizations dependent on IT have unavoidable vulnerabilities from technological disruptions. However, the importance of IT still outweighs these. We come into the picture by providing business continuity and disaster recovery solutions and services using IT to deploy suitable technologies and implement applications aimed at minimizing threats and assuring that your organization remains operational regardless of the situation.

What We Do

Flexible: We do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer specific services to give you a higher degree of options based on your needs and constraints.

Scalable: Of course, should you wish to expand further your business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities, the solution we have already provided can be expanded further.

Our Approach

Our approach to business continuity and disaster recovery is based on two principles: proactive and reactive risk management. We ensure that these principles become part of the overall strategy of your organization.

Solutions and Services

Continuity and Recovery Planning: We evaluate, design, implement, and sustain a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan that examines and considers multiple points of potential failures, while also providing automated and human-influenced response mechanisms to ensure that you remain operational or can go back to full operation in case of unfortunate events.

Data Storage and Backup: Part of future-proofing your organization from risks or disruptions that can affect your IT infrastructure is ensuring an uncomplicated and secured management and protection of data and information assets. Our storage and backup services ensure that these assets are not only safe but also recoverable.

Cloud Solution and Virtualization: Our goal is to keep your organization up and running. Although there are situations that might render individuals from accessing their physical locations, our cloud solution and virtualization can allow remote work or alternative workspaces through secured access to mission-critical software and apps, data and information, as well as communication and other productivity tools.

IT Security: The use of different principles and practices in promoting security is also essential in business continuity and disaster recovery, particularly by preempting threats and providing response procedure in case of threatening security breaches. Such an approach includes the development and implementation of security policies, access management, encryption, and round-the-clock monitoring.