Program Management

Our extensive experience in providing a diverse range of information technology solutions and services for different business and non-profit organizations has enabled us to develop specific expertise in managing IT-related projects and programs.

What We Do

IT Specialization: We differentiate ourselves from other generic project and program management providers because we specialize in handling projects and programs related to the delivery of IT services and solutions. Remember that we are an IT company. This gives our organization an advantage over non-specialized providers.

Diverse Team: Our company also capitalizes on a project and program management team composed of a dedicated project manager and other team members who hold relevant training or certifications and industry experience in different subfields of information technology.

Demonstrated Expertise: Some of the projects and programs we have tackled and completed include information systems implementation, design and deployment of network infrastructure, database and storage, network and cybersecurity, cloud and virtualization, big data analytics, and electronic learning and instructional design solutions, among others.

Our Approach

Nonetheless, our approach to project and program management is straightforward. We first evaluate your needs to develop a comprehensive plan or course of action that takes into consideration of constraints in time, budget, and other critical resources.

Solutions and Services

Planning and Scheduling: Involves the evaluation of an upcoming project or program to determine its feasibility and the development of a comprehensive plan involving all stages of the project and program lifecycle.

Procurement and Logistics: Covers vendor selection and management, contract management, and the efficient acquisition of critical resources that take into consideration budget limitations.

Performance Management: Revolves around developing and implementing performance metrics to control projects and programs based on constraints, while also providing turnaround recommendation for troubled projects based on situational analyses.

Change Management: Focuses on managing potential resistance from employees or partners and owners of a particular organization, as well as stimulating an acceptable level of involvement for change to take place.